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Fantasy Football All Sleeper Team

Here is my Fantasy Football All Sleeper Team for the 2020 football season:

QB: Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield exploded his rookie season after being drafted first in the 2018 draft. Mayfield brought new energy to Cleveland and gave this poor fan base some optimism. Coming into the 2019 season, everybody thought the Browns were going to be at the next level after drafting running back Nick Chubb and signing pro bowl receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. The Browns came out flat in 2019 and could not find their groove or rhythm which led to them underperforming and going 6–10. However, Mayfield started to find his groove later into the season. Mayfield’s QB rating increased towards the end of the season, and even though Mayfield struggled with turnovers, he threw for more 1st downs and yards than in his rookie campaign. I think the fact that this is a make or break season for Mayfield and whether or not he is a bust is a big reason Baker will step up to the plate. Mayfield is not the type of player to be a bust, and when push comes to shove he will step up and make plays. Also, the Browns added Tristian Turfs, (OT, Iowa) and Austin Hooper (TE, Falcons) to the roster this offseason which will provide Mayfield with more time and opportunities down the field. Also, Kareem Hunt (RB) will be back and ready to roll for the 2020 season, which adds another dangerous target for Mayfield. Love Mayfield as a backup QB on your fantasy football roster, think he is going to play great next season. He just needs to get his swagger back and eliminate the turnovers! “Ride with me Cleveland”- Baker Mayfield

RB: Kenyan Drake, Arizona Cardinals

Kenyan Drake got traded in October of last season to the Cardinals in exchange for draft picks. Drake has recently got the keys to the kingdom after the Cardinals made a crazy trade with the Texans. The Cardinals got rid of David Johnson in exchange for Deandre Hopkins, arguably the best receiver in the NFL. Why does this help Drake? Drake is expected to have 63% of the running offense in Arizona. Also, Drake has the best hands out of all of the Cardinals’ backs and will be a big asset in a PPR league. Kliff Kingsbury (Cardinals Head Coach) spoke very highly about the expectations for Drake, and would not have traded pro-bowler back David Johnson if he was not all in on what Drake had to offer. Kenyan Drake will split reps with Chase Edmonds and Eno Benjamin who are both good backs, but not as good as Drake. I think if he falls to the third round, you need to draft him as soon as you can. He is going to be a baller next season!

RB: James Connor, Pittsburgh Steelers

James Connor is looking to bounce back strong after a bust of a season in 2019. Connor went from recording 973 rushing yards, 12 touchdowns, on 215 carries in 2018 to 464 rushing yards, 4 touchdowns, on only 116 carries in 2019. Yes, Connor’s numbers went downhill fast, but that is excluding the fact that Connor played three fewer games and was getting fewer opportunities than in 2018 after the rise of RB, Benny Snell who recorded 116 carries for 426 yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. Yes, the Steelers drafted Anthony McFarland Jr from the University of Maryland in the fourth round, however, Mike Tomlin recently stated that Connor is going to be the featured back in the offense. With his experience, improvements over the offseason in strength and speed, and getting healthy, Connor looks to have a bounce-back season like no other. If Connor is still available in the fourth round, consider yourself lucky and draft him before he gets stolen!

WR: Jerry Jeudy, Denver Broncos

Jerry Jeudy was selected 15th in the 2020 NFL draft from the University of Alabama. Jeudy was a dangerous, versatile, and athletic receiver who recorded crazy numbers at Alabama. The Broncos selected Jeudy to compliment WR 1, Cortland Sutton who had over 1,000 receiving yards last season. Jeudy is going to take the league by storm, especially because he will be guarded by a lot of opposing team’s second cornerback. Also, Drew Lock had a very successful campaign that continued to improve as the season went on. Lock’s improvements throwing the ball will pay off in Jeudy’s favor. Also, the Broncos signed Melvin Gordan to a two year, 16 million dollar deal. This will open up more opportunities for Jeudy down the field because defenses will have to watch out for Philip Lindsey, Melvin Gordan, and Royce Freeman. The Broncos are going to be very good next season! I look forward to watching the young rookie take over the league!

WR: Terry McLaurin, Washington Redskins

Terry McLaurin was a third-round pick in the 2019 draft out of Ohio State. McLaurin recorded 58 receptions for 919 yards and 7 receiving touchdowns in just his first season in the NFL. These numbers are very impressive, and another value is added to them when you realize how little help McLaurin was getting from his offensive side. I am a big fan of Dwayne Haskins and think he is going to have a great season next year for Washington, however, McLaurin did not have as many opportunities as he could’ve had with a stable and more experienced quarterback. Besides, Washington signed head coach Ron Rivera this offseason. Rivera is bringing a whole new passing game plan that will fit perfectly to McLaurin’s style. If he can continue to get open and become more targeted in the season, his numbers will increase drastically. Terry could very well be a 1,000 plus receiver next season; If he is available by the 5th round, jump on it!

TE: Mark Andrews, Baltimore Ravens

Mark Andrews recorded 64 receptions for 852 yards and ten receiving touchdowns last season with Baltimore. Andrews was a dominant receiving target who increased his numbers drastically from the 2018 season. Granted Andrews had MVP Lamar Jackson as his quarterback last season, I believe Andrews is going to be even better this season due to the departure of Hayden Hurst. Another aspect of Andrew’s game is that he stepped up in big-time situations for the Ravens. Now, with Hurst out of the picture for the Ravens offense, Andrews has way more opportunities heading into next season. The Ravens have J.K Dobbins, Mark Ingram, Lamar Jackson, and Marquise Brown. That offense is very deadly and Mark Andrews will fit right into the offensive scheme and utilize any mismatches or additional opportunities that are created by the stacked offense. Big season for Mark Andrews! If you want a consistent tight end who will get catches and touchdowns, Andrews is your guy!

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